Feedback System

Integrated Feedback system for transmission of process data Feedback system

Overview of TFE with TMS or THS

Feedback System

The optionally available feedback systems can be integrated cost-effectively into TELETEC radio remote controls. They provide the direct output of individual process information on the control panel without compulsorily using an additional radio channel. For this purpose TELETEC utilizes the proven and recognized half-duplex procedure (HDX).

  • No additional radio channel is needed to transmit feedback data

  • Three interface versions provide high flexibility in the project planning of customized solutions

  • The dual-channel transmission and permanent internal monitoring of antivalence provide a secured transmission of emergency stop contacts.

  • Especially suitable for the transmission of analog process values in connection with a field bus coupling (Profibus DP, Can) of the radio receiver to the machine control.

  • Customized display of feedback data on the particular radio transmitter with help of graphic or status LED displays

  • Can be installed into existing keyboard transmitter controls at any time

  • Internal diagnosis interfaces for the service

  • Optional Windows based diagnosis software for parameter adjustment and inspection